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The original planning of the Dickinson Free Library was begun in 1908 by the first library board consisting of John F. Davis, Dr. V. H Stickney, Father Robstenick, R.H.Johnson and W. L. Richards. This original board, now known as the Dickinson Library Association, wrote to Andrew Carnegie proposing the building of the library with an original gift estimate of $15,000, further reduced to $12,500. A library tax was submitted to the people of Dickinson on April 6, 1908 and passed by a vote of 576 to 140. Butler & Soules was awarded the building contract for $9760 on October 29, 1908. W.S. Russell drew up the plans and specifications. On September 10, 1909, Josephine Hargrave was elected as the first librarian at a salary of $60 per month. The library is located at the corner of 2nd Avenue West and 3rd Street. The original book collection consisted of about 1000 volumes chiefly donated by the Commerical Club, the public schools from the community and other generous donations. The library was opened for circulation on Monday, January 3, 1910.