It gets harder and harder every year to find, locate, and procure top horses for the sale, but thanks to some of the best breeders in the world that have stayed with us over the years we can once again guarantee you the best in the world for sale all in one place at one time.

Keep in mind that in the last 15 years we have sold more NFR caliber horses than any other sale, identity or whoever else is in the business. We are most proud of helping each and every contractor that has participated in the sale. The proof is in how many National Finals horses we sold to Andrews, Smith, Lovelace, Frontier, Carr, Gay, Simon, Diamond G, and ect. We have helped everyone by providing the best horses in the world for sale every year. We provide pictures, phone numbers, pedigrees of each and every horse and bull usually within the month prior to the sale either by mailed out catalogs or on our website to help you in making buyer decisions before you even get to the sale. This is a convenience only the Breeders Classic has provided.