About CHS Southwest Grain – Our History On May 19, 1981, the final touches were put on the consolidating efforts to united the following eight local Grain Cooperatives: Belfield, Dickinson, Gladstone, Killdeer, New England, Regent, Richardton, & South Heart. As a result of those eight cooperatives joining together, Southwest Grain was created. Later that year, construction of the Boyle terminal began in Taylor, ND. In 1993, Southwest Grain merged with CHS, Inc. to become CHS Southwest Grain. We were the first regional merger with CHS, Inc. and opened a new worldwide market to our patrons. Our foundation at CHS Southwest Grain is grain, more specifically wheat. As a diversified marketing and supply cooperative with over 5,000 patrons, CHS Southwest Grain has shuttle loading facilities at Boyle, ND, New Salem, ND, & Lemmon, SD; and a 52-car loader in Dickinson, ND that is dedicated solely to Durum. We have eight country grain elevators that originate wheat for the train loading terminals, as well as truck directly to domestic and export markets. At CHS Southwest Grain, we also supply energy, agronomy, and livestock products along with crop production supplies to our members. Livestock and animal health needs are supported by the CHS Nutrition plant located in Dickinson, ND. Agronomy inputs include seed, dry fertilizers, NH3, and chemicals. We also provide agronomy services for the application of chemicals and fertilizer along with support personnel to help educate and provide recommendations for specific farming needs. Energy products available include a full line of bulk Cenex products such as: FieldMaster, RoadMaster, gasoline, and lubricants. We also provide propane for residential and commercial customers. Energy services include delivery of bulk fuel, oil, and propane. Parts and petroleum equipment are also key items you will find at most CHS Southwest Grain locations. CHS Southwest Grain is determined to meet the future of local production agriculture by hiring talented employees, building or acquiring assets in our trade area and adding new technology to better serve our patrons. CHS Southwest Grain is committed to returning patronage yearly to those whom support the cooperative system. Business Vision and Mission Statement To be a business leader in every community we serve, meeting or exceeding the demands of our patrons. We are a patron-owned business, organized as a cooperative, we are committed to providing quality services, efficient and effective distribution and marketing opportunities, at competitive prices, that meet or exceed customer expectations.