In 1952, cousins Edward Schwartz & Edward Oberlander started their business "Schwartz & Oberlander Construction". Together, they were earth movers and operated their company until 1972. In 1972 Edward branched out on his own and formed our business Edward H. Schwartz Construction. For years he primarily engaged in heavy construction. In 1978 Edward expanded the business into different branches of the construction industry and incorporated Edward H. Schwartz Construction, Inc. In 1996, Edward sold his business to his son Randy Schwartz. Edward continued to work together with Randy in business until 1998 when he fully retired at the age of 70. In 2012 Randy expanded the company again to the oilfield industry and where we have formed lasting business relationships. Edward's legacy of hard work, commitment, and perseverance is ever present in the employees of Edward H. Schwartz Construction. This legacy has allowed us to expand yet again in recent years as we continue to build customer relations based on our quality and commitment to customer satisfaction.