Creative Cards & Gifts LLC, is locally owned by Ryan and Nicole Kilwein. It was opened in December 2016 to fill a void that was left in the Dickinson mall when Hallmark closed their doors. Everyone still has a need to buy cards for different occasions and we wanted to offer that plus more. The goal of Creative Cards & Gifts was to not only be the place you stop for greeting cards, but also the place you purchase gifts. As we added more and more to our store, from kitchen items and home decor to metal art and knick-knacks, we realized that our customers were looking for more. We needed to find something that people could customize to fit specific spaces within their homes. Ryan is an electrician by trade and had a job where he needed to find a blue colored, drop in ceiling light; which none of his suppliers could help him with. While tossing ideas around with a friend, they came up with covering the light in a vinyl so that it would give off the blue he needed. After seeing the success of his blue light, Ryan thought, "If I can make a light blue, why can’t I put a design on it and add a frame to create a sign of sort?" Then we thought this could be just what we needed to meet the growing need of customers looking for something different and something they could make their own. With the help of a local graphic designer, Ryan created a few different basic signs that customers could make their own by simply choosing colors along with adding names and dates. In 2018, Creative Cards & Gifts became a Pride of Dakota member for our LED Signs. The customizable LED signs have become a great addition to the store located at 1067 3rd Ave West and their popularity encouraged us to bring them to those outside the Dickinson area through their website!

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